Rocky Wood discusses his work on Doctor Sleep

Witch Hunts co-author Rocky Wood has featured in a new interview on the website of author Richard Godwin.

In the interview Rocky elaborates further on how he assisted International Best-Selling horror author Stephen King, while he was writing Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining.

“Back in 2011 Steve kindly invited me to do the continuity between ‘The Shining’ and ‘Doctor Sleep’, as well as some other things, including two sets of recreational vehicles, in different timelines. The RVs are used to help the villains of the piece travel incognito. I guarantee you won’t look at retired people travelling the country in mobile homes the same way ever again!” Rocky said in the interview.

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Witch Hunts co-author and illustrator’s latest creations!

Witch Hunts co-author Lisa Morton and illustrator Greg Chapman have both released new works of horror fiction and art – just in time for Halloween.

Front_Cover_Image_-_Summers_EndMalediction-Lisa-MortonBram Stoker Award-winning author and Halloween expert, has two new books out – Summer’s End, a novella from Journalstone Publications, where she turns herself into a character, and Malediction, a novel from Evil Jester Press, a tale of a curse in Los Angeles.

lastnight_webMeanwhile, Greg Chapman has a new Halloween themed novella – The Last Night of October – out from Bad Moon Books, in trade paperback and Kindle.  tells the story of seventy-year-old Gerald Forsyth who fears the same lone child who trick ‘r’ treats at his door every year. The book features three internal illustrations by Chapman.

You can find out more about Lisa’s fiction at her website. Greg hosts a blog at



Rocky Wood discusses Witch Hunts inspiration in Stoker Spotlight

Rocky Wood, Witch Hunts co-author has discussed the inspiration behind the graphic novel and his Stephen King writings in an interview on the Horror Writers Association’s Halloween Haunts 2013 blog.

How would you describe Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times?

It’s a warning about the dangers of ignorance and intolerance. We’ve taken the historical background of the witch-hunting era and put it in context for readers. They are entertained as they learn – the get to meet some of the nasty individuals who drove this evil period in history and of course representatives of the many tens of thousands of victims. Even those who think they know what the Witch Hunts were about learn what really drove it, why it reached a peak, and why it faded quickly from history. The subject matter is perfect for the graphic novel format, as readers can see what happened, not just imagine it from dry, descriptive prose.

You can read the rest of Rocky’s interview HERE

Rocky also recently was named in a Forbes Magazine article about the box office takings for films adapted from Stephen King’s novels. You can read the article HERE.

Rocky Wood featured in “Wired” magazine about his input on Stephen King’s novel Doctor Sleep

Witch Hunts co-author and Stephen King chronicler, Rocky Wood has revealed in the magazine Wired how King hired him as a fact-checker while he was writing his soon-to-be-released novel, Doctor Sleep.

Doctor Sleep is the much anticipated sequel to The Shining, a novel King wrote way back in the 1970’s. Rocky has written several books on King’s works, including the 6,000 page tome, Complete Guide to the Works of Stephen King.

A scan of the article from the September issue of Wired is below:

For more information on Rocky’s writings on Stephen King, visit the author’s website –

Wired's article on Rocky's connection to King's novel Doctor Sleep

Wired’s article on Rocky’s connection to King’s novel Doctor Sleep


According to this article: “the South African Witchcraft Suppression Act of 1957 makes it illegal for anyone to identify another person as a witch (as this inevitably leads to death or torture) or to instigate what is a called a “witch-sniffing ceremony” (in which someone is called into a community to identify a witch).” In the most recent year for which figures exist, 345 people were convicted of crimes under the Act – in other words of witch hunting!
A database compiled by the South African Pagan Rights ( the names of about 50 people killed over witchcraft between 2010-12.
Amazingly, the reaction of one South African provincial government to these crimes is to try to suppress witchcraft! Not deal with those who peddle hate and kill so-called witches but suppress those practicing religious freedom. The Mpumalanga Witchcraft Suppression Bill is currently in limbo, awaiting a report as to its constitutionality.
In a widely impoverished society like South Africa there are many pressing problems, most particularly lack of jobs and the spread of HIV/AIDS but yet again we see that witch hunting and witch killing still exists even in a relatively modern society and the authorities are struggling to deal with it.


According to this article:  at least 20elderly people are killed in a month in KilifiCounty in Kenya over witchcraft allegations, according to police and the provincial administration. A rescue centre has even been set up, currently housing nine people fleeing witchcraft accusations.
‘County deputy governor Kenneth Kamto cautioned members of the Mijikenda community against superstition. Mr Kamto said low education standards, poverty and unemployment among the youth were the major contributing factors to the killings and said the solution would be to educate the youth. “Sticking to traditions and cultures that have been overtaken by time is the major cause of the killings,” said Kamto.
However, Bahari OCPD Clament Wangai claimed the killings were planned by close family members especially the youth who want to inherit their parents’ property. “We have come to discover witchcraftaccusations were just a cover to the real reason behind the killings,” said Mr Wangai.’
Of course this is no surprise to theWitch Hunts team. At the end of the book we warned that witch hunting is still alive and well in parts of the globe – and it seems the same reasons as in the Middle Ages are at play – greed and superstition. What is particularly interesting is how these reports are completely ignored in the mainstream media.

Witch Hunts wins Bram Stoker Award® !

Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times has been awarded for Superior Achievement in a Graphic Novel at a gala banquet at the Bram Stoker Awards® in new Orleans, USA.


The Awards were part of the World Horror Convention held from June 13-16 in New Orleans. The event was organised by the Horror Writers Association.

Witch Hunts was up against some stiff competition from well-known comic publishers.

During their acceptance speeches, authors Rocky Wood and Lisa Morton expressed the importance of the graphic novel as a chronicle of a dark moment in history.

The full list of winners in the Bram Stoker Awards® can be found HERE

‘Sorcery’ killings in Papua New Guinea may spread, a Conference is told

At the end of our graphic novel we warn that witch hunting has not entirely been eradicated. This news from June 2013 illustrates our point – and we note that it is still marginalized women who are bearing the brunt of this awful scourge. The full text of the article is below (source ABC News Australia –…

Melanesian experts say sorcery-related attacks and killings are on the rise and may spread from Papua New Guinea into the rest of the Pacific.
A three day conference addressing witchcraft and sorcery killings in Melanesia has started at Australia’s National University in Canberra.
Lawrence Foana’ota from the Solomon Islands National Museum, says there are fears sorcery related violence will spread to nations such as Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.
“There are other trends that are coming through other Melanesian countries, like Papua New Guinea, that are now happening in the Solomons,” he said.
“They also learn form the neighbours, and I believe that might be the trend also in the sorcery practices.”
Accused sorcerers are often assaulted and their bodies defiled before a crowd, including children.
In a high profile case in April this year four woman were abducted in Bougainville and accused of black magic.
One woman was beheaded and the remaining three were held captive for weeks.
The conference has heard sorcery-related attacks are increasing and authorities are virtually powerless.
Hundreds of people a year, mostly women, are known to be victims, but the true figure could be higher.
Reverend Jack Urame says sorcery related crimes target women by an estimated ratio of five to one.
“A lot of men are I think taking the lead in accusing women, because I think generally, because Melanesians believe that women on the periphery of the society,” he said.
“They’re marginalised and they’re defenceless. A lot of women suffer from accusation and killing.”

Witch Hunts back on Facebook!

Facebook has succumbed to public pressure and reinstated the official page for the Witch Hunts graphic novel.

The surprise about face came less than 24 hours after the social media giant removed the page on the basis that it had breached its community standards in relation to bullying.

After the Witch Hunts page was removed and the authors’ and illustrator’s own accounts temporarily blocked, the horror genre community rallied and expressed their outrage on forums, blogs – and Facebook.

The removal – and reactivation – of the page still remains a mystery as Facebook is yet to explain their actions.

Rocky, Lisa and Greg thank all those for supporting Witch Hunts and fighting to get it back on the web.

You can now visit the page here –!/pages/Witch-Hunts-A-Graphic-History-of-the-Burning-Times/142351579230386