Witch Hunts trio to feature in Midnight Echo Magazine interview

Witch Hunts collaborators Rocky Wood, Lisa Morton and Greg Chapman will feature in an interview in the forthcoming tenth issue of the Australian Horror Writers Association‘s official fiction magazine, Midnight Echo.

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In the interview for the Magazine’s comics column, Pix & Panels, Mark Farrugia asks Rocky, Lisa and Greg detailed questions on the creation of Witch Hunts and its recent win at the Bram Stoker Awards.

Here is an excerpt from the interview (published with permission by Midnight Echo):

P&P: Given that all three of you have had success in your other creative and literary endeavours, what’s the appeal of the graphic novel? 

Greg:  For me the obvious appeal of the graphic novel was to showcase my illustrative skills. I’d already had some success with my writing and the chance to illustrate a graphic novel as important as Witch Hunts was simply too good an opportunity to pass up. 

Rocky: The original appeal of writing a graphic novel for me was two-fold – one, a chance to write published fiction (to date I have almost exclusively written non-fiction, and have only one short story published); and secondly to challenge myself with a new format of writing. To a degree in non-fiction “more is more” – good facts and anecdotes fill a non-fiction book and often the more the better (avoiding repetition of course). In a graphic novel, in writing terms “less is more”. I had to learn to let the illustrations (and my ‘direction’ for them) tell the story. There are only so many words that can go with a panel – narration and dialogue – to move the story along. Too much, and you destroy the effect, not to mention that there are space constraints!

Lisa: I love graphic novels as a reader. Alan Moore is up there as one of my favourite authors in any genre, and I believe some of the world’s most interesting writing is now happening in the graphic novel and young adult fields. As a screenwriter, the graphic novel format feels familiar to me and I’d wanted to try one for a long time. And yes, I’d love to try more.

Issue 10 of Midnight Echo Magazine is available for pre-order now and is expected to be published by before the end of the year.

The issue also features the final chapter of Mark Farrugia’s and Greg Chapman’s vampire comic Allure of the Ancients and Chapman’s fiction tale “Mother’s House”

Be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine to read the in-depth interview on Witch Hunts!