Rocky Wood discusses Witch Hunts inspiration in Stoker Spotlight

Rocky Wood, Witch Hunts co-author has discussed the inspiration behind the graphic novel and his Stephen King writings in an interview on the Horror Writers Association’s Halloween Haunts 2013 blog.

How would you describe Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times?

It’s a warning about the dangers of ignorance and intolerance. We’ve taken the historical background of the witch-hunting era and put it in context for readers. They are entertained as they learn – the get to meet some of the nasty individuals who drove this evil period in history and of course representatives of the many tens of thousands of victims. Even those who think they know what the Witch Hunts were about learn what really drove it, why it reached a peak, and why it faded quickly from history. The subject matter is perfect for the graphic novel format, as readers can see what happened, not just imagine it from dry, descriptive prose.

You can read the rest of Rocky’s interview HERE

Rocky also recently was named in a Forbes Magazine article about the box office takings for films adapted from Stephen King’s novels. You can read the article HERE.