According to this article:  at least 20elderly people are killed in a month in KilifiCounty in Kenya over witchcraft allegations, according to police and the provincial administration. A rescue centre has even been set up, currently housing nine people fleeing witchcraft accusations.
‘County deputy governor Kenneth Kamto cautioned members of the Mijikenda community against superstition. Mr Kamto said low education standards, poverty and unemployment among the youth were the major contributing factors to the killings and said the solution would be to educate the youth. “Sticking to traditions and cultures that have been overtaken by time is the major cause of the killings,” said Kamto.
However, Bahari OCPD Clament Wangai claimed the killings were planned by close family members especially the youth who want to inherit their parents’ property. “We have come to discover witchcraftaccusations were just a cover to the real reason behind the killings,” said Mr Wangai.’
Of course this is no surprise to theWitch Hunts team. At the end of the book we warned that witch hunting is still alive and well in parts of the globe – and it seems the same reasons as in the Middle Ages are at play – greed and superstition. What is particularly interesting is how these reports are completely ignored in the mainstream media.