Witch Hunts back on Facebook!

Facebook has succumbed to public pressure and reinstated the official page for the Witch Hunts graphic novel.

The surprise about face came less than 24 hours after the social media giant removed the page on the basis that it had breached its community standards in relation to bullying.

After the Witch Hunts page was removed and the authors’ and illustrator’s own accounts temporarily blocked, the horror genre community rallied and expressed their outrage on forums, blogs – and Facebook.

The removal – and reactivation – of the page still remains a mystery as Facebook is yet to explain their actions.

Rocky, Lisa and Greg thank all those for supporting Witch Hunts and fighting to get it back on the web.

You can now visit the page here –https://www.facebook.com/settings?ref=mb#!/pages/Witch-Hunts-A-Graphic-History-of-the-Burning-Times/142351579230386